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LED vs Standard Light Fixture ROI Calculator

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Identifying Your Current Energy Costs

Fill out the fields below to calculate your current energy expenses and your updated expenses when you switch to LED lighting.

Cost of Energy per KWH?
# of fixtures you have?
Hours per day lights are on?
Days a month lights are on?
Current wattage
LED wattage
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Calculated Energy Costs of LED vs Standard Lighting

2 Year
10 Year
Standard Fixture
Energy Savings
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Identifying Your Current Maintenance Expenses

Complete the following fields calculate your current costs on lighting maintenance along with maintenance costs for comparable LED lights.

Cost of standard bulb
Labor to replace bulb
Typical hours of life for standard bulb
Est. Years maintenance cost of standard lighting
Initial LED fixture cost

Get a specific fixture quote based on your application ยป

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Calculated Maintenance Costs of LED vs Standard

2 Year
Year 5
10 Year
Standard Bulb Maintenance
Maintenance Savings

10 Year


Return on Investment

An investment in LED lighting is an investment in the future of your business. Request a quote to get started.

This also equates to kwh saved per year.

KWH Savings is like.. KWH Savings is like..
KWH Savings is like..
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